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Mewat Sehyoge Foundation is committed towards the educational empowerment of the underprivileged communities of the region. Income and educational disparities are very much prevalent here . Therefore the society is working with these people for educational upliftment through the following programmes viz.
· Non-formal Education
· Promotion of Right to Education( RTE, 2009)
· Emphasis on education of Muslim girls
· Emphasis on the education of Dalit children
· Adult Education..


Family life education program for the adolescent youth through which both young males and females go through the process of learning which enables themaking develop sense of confidence to take control of their life as well as to become positive change agents to strengthen the social fabric of the family or society.


Vocational Training to Madarsa Students:


   Under its Madarsa Modernisation Program , Mewat Sehyoge Foundation is committed to impart vocational training to  Madarsa students  of two prominent Madarsas of Mewat region. the main motto is to make them self reliant and ensure for them better livelihood opportunities.  The MSF approached these learning centeres in order to seek their active participation and involvement in a more constructive way towards achieving the objectives of the project which is to mainstream the Madarsas of Mewat.


Mewat Sehyoge Foundation will run the vocational training programmes such as mobile repairing, theory of inverter repairing, introduction to basic electronics,  furniture making and lots of other job seeking. Apart from this, workshops will be conducted to raise their confidence and English level so that they may become more and more employable.



Executive Summary

Mewat Sehyoge Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed towards social development. In its drive to promote quality education in Mewat, MSF is running various initiatives concerning education.  As a committed and responsible civil organization, MSF is assisting District Administration in many empowerments oriented progrmmes. MSF is for creating a constructive and productive Madarsa Board in Haryana so that the Madarsa education may get impetus. MSF is willing to run Madarsa modernization scheme in various accommodative Madarsas in Mewat.

Recently, the Voluntary Action Cell (VAC) of Planning Commission invited almost all the registered NGOs working in Mewat to express themselves on the issue of pressing problems of Mewat and their solutions. At the very commencement of the said conference, the VAC had made it crystal clear that the Commission was not going to give grants and that the motto of the conference was to understand the real problems of Mewat from the eyes and perspective of existing voluntary agencies working in Mewat so that workable solutions could be initiated by the concerned administration. The most conspicuous was the presence of District Collector, ADC, Divisional Commissioner, SP and other civil and police officers who are currently serving in Mewat. When the fathers of this administrative fraternity were asking the representatives of the above mentioned and other NGOs to express the grievances being faced by people and to what an extent they were being redressed by serving officials? They did say nothing, their only concern was to make plea for funds, funds and funds. But MSF raise the real problems and concerns of Mewat and requested the gathering to work for the creation of Mewat’s own Madarsa Board.  The meeting was held on 6th June 2012. Administrative machinery is very insufficient in Mewat, not delivering what it intends to deliver. Officials always take advantages of illiteracy and the imposed and deliberate backwardness of the people of Mewat.  In the administrative circle of Haryana, Mewat is a place known for punishment postings due to its utter lack of requisite infrastructure. But, in fact, it’s money making district because benefits of various schemes do not reach to the needy and in turn enrich the babus. In such scenario self-help remains as the only workable remedy.

MEWAT SEHYOGE FOUNDATION’S’s education work will provide the necessary visible support to thesyoung learners. The motto of education should be to make them smart enough to cope up with various problems. The community is very much interested in the Madarsa modernization scheme as well as the objective to impart modern vocational training initiative taken by MEWAT SEHYOGE FOUNDATION. The combination of modern knowledge and traditional wisdom will be very useful in enhancing the essential traits as well as skills and techniques. This may solve the question of livelihood in a very short span of time. MEWAT SEHYOGE FOUNDATION recognizes that young Madarsa students have a limited amount of free time and so MSF wants to make it easy for them to participate in its vocational as well as professional training efforts worthwhile. In addition, MEWAT SEHYOGE FOUNDATION wants to be a good steward of its resources and service delivery not compete for clients with other organizations that are providing excellent complementary services.

An alliance of MEWAT SEHYOGE FOUNDATION’S, MADARSA, and RGF (and perhaps other partners) will directly impact students with learning disabilities and their families and make a difference in their lives for years to come. The involvement of informed, concerned constituents will influence policy makers and help to make needed revisions in the proposed Madarsa Modernization schemes. Objectively verifiable indicators will be implemented to the extent of genuineness.